Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Change Of Pace

Typically, I write, and post pictures, about life with the fur-kids.  The loss of my most beloved ones and the welcome of new ones into my world.

In conversing with a friend today, I started thinking, again, about greyhound rescue and adoption.

I ran into the same obstacles she has.  She is known for her stance on greyhound racing and has been met with lukewarm responses to adopting.  All because of the campaigning she did in MA that resulted in it being illegal to race in that state.  Hats off to you, my friend!!!  Never back down.

I, too, ran into much of the same.  I contacted local “retired greyhound” groups in St. Louis while searching for a new love.  I point-blank asked them their stance on greyhound racing.  Interestingly enough, I never heard back from them. 

Thinking on the non-responses I received, I found it odd.  Here you have an individual with a home, the required fenced-in yard, and tons of love to give.  Yet they choose not to respond.  Do they question my intentions?  Or do they fret about adopting out to an admitted anti-racing individual?

I do think many “greyhound adoption” groups are tied a little too closely to the racing industry.  Rather than upset the applecart about racing, they play the game and they are assured a steady source of “adoptable” greyhounds.  Win-win for both of them.

But what about the greyhounds?  When, precisely, do they win?  The lucky few deemed “adoptable” do.  What about those who have been injured or are not the healthiest, as one adoption agency claims?  They take only the “healthiest”? 

And there are breeders who claim to adopt out their dogs.  An endless supply for them to make a buck.  Once while their racing and then again in adoption fees.  Warm and cozy, isn’t it?  One such person put an 11 year old up for adoption after using her as a brood bitch for far too many years.  Oh, but she was loved dearly…

I am soap-boxing, but it is my blog and I can.  I urge anyone looking to adopt a greyhound to check out your group.  Any greyhound adopted is one less in need of love.  But when there are those who go against the grain of the industry?  Please support those folks.

Looking at my scarred panther girl who had reported collisions, the sooner racing is banned the better.  The breed will never disappear, contrary to the racing fans.  Good Lord, they have been around for thousands of years.   

Let these gentle creatures be dogs.  Not racing chips and money in the pockets of greed.  Let them be on beds, on couches, with food and tons of love.  That is all they long for and absolutely what they deserve.

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