Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great News Out of Florida – First Step

Today I watched the live stream of the Florida House of Representatives vote on House Bill 1145.  Personally, it was nerve-wracking for me.  But then again, this IS personal to me.

After a marvelous and eloquent explanation and argument for the bill from Rep. Dana Young, a couple of amendments clarifying the verbiage were passed and one amendment withdrawn, I believe.

Then it was opened up to debate.  Interestingly enough, the debates against were primarily that passing the bill would lead to increased gambling.

Really?  I didn’t follow that logic.  There are already very few butts in the stands watching the dogs running in circles, risking injury and death.  The very few butts in the stands will park on one of the limited number of stools in front of a slot machine or a card table.  Or they go to the local convenience store and buy lottery tickets.

The debate in favor of the bill were so very strong and focused on the humane factor (my stance) and others questioned the state’s involvement in mandating private business as far as “products” sold were concerned. 

The vote came next.  Final vote 86 yes, 31 no.  I screamed, I cried.  I am so terribly happy.  This is for every Berry out there, running for their lives.  Perhaps soon there will be far fewer.

As a side note, but equally important, a coalition has been formed to rescue those greyhounds at tracks who choose to cease racing.  Since there is no rescue organization close to me, I told one of the coalition signers (2 states over, but only about 4 hours away) that I will volunteer with the rescues. 

Every greyhound deserves a “Berry life” – filled with squeaky toys, dog beds in every room, a big fenced yard in which to run, and mom or dad who loves him or her endlessly.

On to the Senate!  I’m ordering a doggie cake for Schemie in the event it passes.  And sharing it with Berry's fosters. 


lovetoallanimals said...

Happy all over again after reading your wonderful blog, sweet friend! Thank you for the play-by-play! I could not follow it, since I was teaching today, but every step of the day, I was wondering how it was going, now I feel that I was there!
The part about every grey deserving a "Berry life" had me in tears all over again... And it WILL HAPPEN, my friend, it will! Today, we are closer to that dream than ever before!
When Andra was laying down in the grass during our walk, she seemed confused that I was holding her, crying and smiling and laughing... And when I explained, she seemed to understand... better than the neighbour who was watching us... lol

Nancy said...


What a great day though.